Soundscape / Practice /
How we create sound installations
We are trying to break out of the academic framework and conventional engineering solutions that work with directed sound. By using modern technologies Soundscape creates immersive acoustic spaces every point in which is a unique acoustic pattern.

When preparing a project we carefully study the architecture of the space and create site-specific maps of the sound environment. Then we expand the range of sound perception by using visualization technologies.
What we are interested in

  • audiovisual sculpture;
  • digression from standard two-dimensional sound towards ambisonic sound and creation of an immersive sound-and-light environment;
  • use of high-end technology of sound extraction and sound transmission;
  • synchronization of light, sound, video contents and artistic performance;
  • interactive installations;
  • 3D mapping, projecting audiovisual works onto the landscape;
  • use of reflecting surfaces and the play of light.
How we do it

The three components of soundscape are landscape, technology and art.

1. Landscape
The natural environment is represented by natural acoustic landscapes (vegetation and terrain).
Park environment is embodied by regular parks with a set geometry of space.
Urban spaces are architectural complexes, industrial zones, exhibition grounds, museums and pavilions.

2. Technology
We can create a unique technological solution - key-ready. It takes us several stages:
  • we map out the space;
  • we prepare technical documents (with a detailed feasibility part) and the plan of installation for equipment;
  • we assemble and install the equipment on-site, and support it during the entire work period of the installation.
Yet the sound system does not have to be created from the scratch - an existing one can be used - for example, we can integrate notification systems, radio etc in our installations.

3. Art
We cooperate with architects (including landscape designers), light and video artists, musicians, multichannel sound experts.