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Soundscape is also a permanently working residence for musicians, DJs and audiovisual artists interested in experiments to combine digital art and natural landscapes; it also includes a program of lectures, workshops, master classes and performances given by invited artists.

Those who are willing to participate in the project development include pianist Ksenia Bashmet, violinist Asia Sorshneva, electronic music artists Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi), Tusia Beridze (TBA) (Georgia/ Germany), German Popov, Dmitry Yevgrafov, Hauschka (Germany), Extrawelt (Germany), Mira Calix (Great Britain).

We are also friends with young communities and labels (ambient, neo-classic, techno) and academic educational establishments, which include the Center for Electrical Acoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory, and the Department of Physics, Lomonosov State University of Moscow.