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Mobius Parh
@ Nikola-Lenivets
...The brook bed in the bottom of the ravine, with the elevation change reaching 40 meters, creates a natural amphitheater. It looks as if nature designed it for holding musical performances; along the perimeter, a path is laid in the shape of an infinity sign

All along the path, immersive light and sound installation is set up to allow the spectator/listener to get inside the structure. The sound and light are synchronized but the most important thing is that they react to everything that happens around, be it a breath of wind or a man's steps. This is a living and pulsating field which one can enter and operate.

Creating this ephemeral space took up several months' hard work. Such is the peculiarity of Nikola-Lenivets: nothing can be done without getting your hands dirty. As a result, there is a route cutting through the thick of the wood, with 16 audio channels and 9 viewing places installed along the way.
Acoustic system

Sixteen horn-type speakers are installed along the trail and directed toward the center of the loop. Each column has capacity of 35 watt and connects to 50-watt output amplifier.

The digital signal is passed through a multi-channel sound processor, converted by the analog converter and played through the analog speaker system.

Ivan Shchetinin, landscape designer and co-author of the Green Department project.