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@ Nikola-Lenivets
A classic definition of a portal in architecture is "an architecturally decorated main entrance to a large building, usually having a massive framework." Yet what we create is a virtual three-dimensional portal in the listener's imagination.

For this purpose, we use a three-dimensional sound playback system and music by young talented musician Jan Amit.

Each step towards the Portal is a movement through the sound which took on its form.

Path length: 200-250 m. Movement duration (in winter, with stops): 7-10 minutes. Important points/accents: meadow-entrance, bridge-ravine, meadow to the left in front of the Arch, the Arch).


16 sources on either side of the path create wave-shaped sound which catches up with the walking person, overtakes them and calls to move on; it strikes back from the Arch and returns in a counter-running wave.

The track length is over 30 minutes and it allows a person to walk to and from, as well as to stay for some time inside the Arch (or even get to its top).


20 sources light the landscape along the way.
The working time of the setup: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (local lighting – from 4:00 pm).