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Soundscape in Nikola-Lenivets
Nikola-Lenivets is a landscape park in Kaluga Region where there are several dozens of art objects scattered all over the 650 hectares of its territory. A combination of varied natural landscapes and man-made objects is just what we need to implement Soundscape projects. Our main sites here are the Glade of Labyrinths, Bernasconi Arch, and Mobius Path.
The Glade of Labyrinths

It is a large round amphitheater glade with several stages along its perimeter. The unique shape of the basin and the surrounding wall of a forest turn it into a natural amphitheater suitable for holding big concerts and theatrical performances making use of ambisonic sound. This nature object was discovered by the pioneer of Nikola-Lenivets, Vasily Shchetinin, while artists Sergei de Rocambole and Anna Nikolaeva created three labyrinths there (within the framework of Archtoyanie 2010 festival) — two classical seven-looped stone labyrinths (a male right-handed one and a female left-handed one) and a large Chartrez-type labyrinth made of turf.
Bernaskoni Arc

This art object created within the framework of Archstoyanie 2012 festival is a kind of a hybrid: at the same time, it is a portal, a triumphal arch and a tower. There are two stairs: one can take you up to the observation platform, while the other goes down to the "artist's room." A path surrounded by high trees creating a majestic corridor will take you to the Arch, and behind the structure there is a glade with a stage in it. This is where we created Portal soundscape installation
Mobius Path

A path shaped as a figure of eight (or a sign of infinity) laid in the forst on the slopes of a large ravine. The elevation change is up to 40 m, but above there is an observation platform and a bar where you can rest and enjoy the sounds of nature and music. This is where we created Mobius Path soundscape installation.
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